16 Jul 2013

Wall-covering has come a long way!

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No longer are you limited to shiny geometric patterns, plaids and foliage. With today’s manufacturing improvements and innovative minds in the design field, there’s nearly no limit to the surfacing options wall-covering offers. Manufacturers such as Maya Romanoff, Zoffany, Thibaut, Phillip Jeffries, David Goldberg and Lori Weitzner are rewriting the book on wall-covering. Below are but a few samples from some these fine designers.

A little eco-glamour from Maya Romanoff: the Abacadazzle wallpaper is made from the abaca plant and woven with metallic thread. This wall-covering is hearty, rich in texture, and…dazzling. Available in 18 color combos such as Cosmic Goldenrod, Taupe, Charcoal, and Bananarama Bark (pictured at top left).

This beautiful organic open-web is handmade from South American fig tree bark. The Lori Weitzner Nimbus Collection creates beautiful spaces installed on ceilings, walls or as seen at left, between sheets of glass.


Phillip Jeffries, Ltd “Japanese Cork” wall-covering is created with natural cork laminated to metallic grounds. The deep warmth of natural materials is highlighted in the glow of the metallic background. See the examples at left.


Everglades’ “Natural Resources” collection of deeply embossed vinyl on a pre-pasted backing is rich and easy-care elegance. A near-perfect reproduction of crocodile hide adds richness to any décor. This eco-friendly material is easy-to-install and equally easy to remove for redecorating.


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