Real Wood WallcoveringReeves PaperHanging, Inc. employs a crew of full­-time, dedicated craftsman installers and project managers who are possessed of a level of skill unmatched by any competing firm. They are models of the craftsmanship, courtesy, and punctuality upon which our hard earned reputation was built. With our residential sensibility applied to commercial work, you are assured of a project completing with welcomed cleanliness, supreme professionalism, and a minimal punch list.

When you bring a project to Reeves PaperHanging, Inc., our diligent project managers will get your project scheduled, staffed, stocked, and completed on time, every time. In over 40 years, we’ve never missed a deadline, and we’re not going to miss yours. In fact, tight time-frames are our specialty — we’ll get it done right and we’ll get it done on schedule.

As a subcontractor, Reeves PaperHanging, Inc. needs no “babysitting”—our craftsmen are highly trained and self­-sufficient. We consistently receive positive feedback from superintendents who appreciate working with a company that values the importance of completing projects on time and strives to always exceed their customers’ expectations.

Reeves PaperHanging, Inc. simply provides a “contractor experience unlike any other.” That distinction earns the company continuous repeat business and has furthered our reputation as the finest wallcovering installation company in the valley.

We look forward to the opportunity to make your company look great! Please call us at 480­.922­.5568 to discuss how our businesses can work together toward your goals.