BedroomAt Reeves PaperHanging, Inc., we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and our company. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions:

Our Services
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Our Services
Q: Do you remove wallcovering?
A: Yes, we remove almost as much as we install!

Q: Do you repair dry wall?
A: Yes, we do dry wall repair and surface restoration as related to the wall covering project.

Q: Do you paint?
A: Yes, as related to the wallcovering project.

Q: Do you provide wallcovering?
A: We’re not a retailer but we can provide wallcovering for your project, often at a discount. If you fall in love with it, we can provide it.

Q: In addition to wallpaper, what other materials do you work with?
A: In  over 40 years we have seen it all: silk, murals, glass bead, mother of pearl, wood veneer wall covering, graphics, super graphic, mylars, foils, flocks, grass clothes, wovens, textiles, and many more.

Q: Do you offer specialty finishes?
A: Yes. Your office might benefit from dry erase board, projection surface, or tackable finish.

Q: Do you provide samples?
A: No, but we can refer you to trusted sources and wall-covering retailers.

Q: Do you offer design services?
A: No.

Your Home
Q: Do you know how to work around my valuables?
A: Yes, we’re well­-versed in the art of working with high value pieces.

Q: Can you work on my schedule?
A: Yes, in fact, that’s our specialty! We have never missed a deadline in 44+ years!

Q: Will you leave my home clean?
A: Yes, we have been told we leave our clients’ homes cleaner than when we started our work!

Q: What is your service area?
A: From here to the moon, if the price is right. We go where the project is, anywhere in the United States.

Q: What’s the minimum budget I need to have for a project?
A: We complete projects for as little as $695.00 to well over $1 million dollars. Tell us more about your specific needs on the Quote Request form.

Q: What type of payment do you accept?
A: Cash, check or Visa.  We require a 50% deposit to get your project scheduled.

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