Our Family

Reeves Family PhotoI’m Dale Reeves, Owner at Reeves PaperHanging, Inc. We are a third generation family business that began with my grandfather, Glenn Reeves, and his one-­man painting company in Louisiana some 80+ years ago.

Over many years, my grandfather and his young family traveled northwest, painting along the way, until they reached Kansas. There, my grandfather read about a position for paperhangers—a job he didn’t know the first thing about. Nonetheless, he was determined to expand his business, and immediately sent a telegram to the general contractor to say that he was the best paperhanger around. They brought him in for an interview and hired him on the spot. By the end of that job, he was the best paperhanger around.

After that, the family and the business continued to travel onward through the northwest. They stayed awhile in Wyoming, and finally settled in Colorado. It was there that my father, Jim Reeves, joined the business and they changed the name to Glenn Reeves and Son Painting.

By the mid-­1960’s, my parents had tired of the harsh Colorado winters. Compelled by the climate and reports of explosive growth, my dad visited and fell in love with Arizona in 1969. Upon seeing ASU’s Grady Gammage Hall, he proclaimed that “any city that would build such a remarkable performance hall is a place I’d like to live.” And so, in early 1969, our family made its way to the valley.

After several years in Arizona, my father made his first attempt at retiring, and my older brother Scott took over the family business. While he successfully ran the business, I supervised work in the field as the lead installer and project manager. Under my brother’s stewardship, our reputation and loyal customer base were greatly enhanced, and the company continued to grow.

By 1995, my father couldn’t stand retirement. After sometime he returned to work, buying the company back from my brother. Scott moved into the wood flooring business, where he remains to this day, and for 13 years my father was again at the helm. In 2008, he decided to try retirement again, so my wife and I bought the company from him. Annie and I have enjoyed terrific growth and success operating it together since then, and no one was surprised when my father came out of retirement again to work alongside us as our senior Project Manager and Quality Control Supervisor. He just doesn’t know how to stop.

From our humble beginnings as a one­-man painting company, Reeves PaperHanging, Inc. has grown to become Arizona’s leading, exclusive wallcovering contractor with eight seasoned craftsman installers boasting an average of 28 years experience. Over the last 40 years we have developed a long and growing list of loyal designers, architects, custom homebuilders, general contractors, property managers, and homeowners by consistently providing the customer with “a contractor experience unlike any other.”

There is no more experienced or capable wallcovering installation company in the state of Arizona, and few peers in the southwest. Reeves PaperHanging, Inc. is unique among contractors. We bring to our work, commercial and residential alike, an ethos of professionalism, responsibility to the customer, dependability, and cleanliness that is unrivaled. We have a well­-earned reputation as the finest wallcovering installation company in the valley and we earn it on every project.